"How We Helped S8 Education To Build A

7 Figure Expert Business In Just 12 Months!"

Updated: 15th Dec 2023


S8 Education (also known as "Stock Aid Pro" in Malaysian) is a Stock Trading Software & Training Business based in Singapore and Malaysia. Over the last 3 years, they have been running training for traders and investors all over Singapore and Malaysia.

Using a specially designed webinar funnel, we helped them make close to USD 67,000 in their first month.

This was done by crafting a breakthrough value proposition, creating a high-converting presentation, and driving numbers for their webinars. 

In this case study, we’ll break down how we helped them grow to more than 1 Million USD in just 12 months!

The Challenge

S8 Education was founded by JT Low and a team of full-time investors.

They’ve been investing full time and coaching other traders & investors for over 10years.

They have trained and coached over 1,000 aspiring traders and investors all over Asia to grow their personal wealth, sharing insights about the markets in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore.

One of the many presentations that JT did at Bursa Malaysia. He has a strong track record as a trader and trainer but had challenges getting numbers for his training.

"Worked With 3 Different Marketers... But Didn't See Results"

Even though he had more than a decade’s worth of skills and experience, and a strong track record as a full time trader, he was relatively unknown in the market.

He had difficulty attracting attendees for his previews and training.

He worked with 3 different marketing companies but was often disappointed by the marketers he worked with.

He spent hours of his time and tens of thousands of dollars of his hard-earned money on their service and campaigns, only to be disappointed again and again.

There was even once when he travelled all the way, only to have 1 person turned up for the preview. 

JT was invited to speak at several events, including corporate trainings. However, he had difficulty getting numbers for his own workshops.

“There Was A Personal Reason Too…” 

One reason why JT wanted to bring his business online. 

Because of the physical training business, JT had to spend a lot of time and money travelling to different states in Malaysia. 

This means he had to spend a lot of time away from his wife and family. 

With a new child joining the family, he wanted to do less travelling and still generate the same or even more revenue from his training. He started experimenting with online courses at the start of the year.

At first, he only sold his online courses for a few hundred dollars.

He had some initial success, but it was nowhere near the amount he wanted to make from his training business. 

Like many trainers, he believed he had to sell his online courses at a much lower price in order to get traction. 

Especially during the COVID-19 period, when many trainers were putting their courses online and giving as much as 90% discount. 

JT was looking for a solution to attract more students for his training, while reducing the time he had to spend in his business. 

That was when he approached Scientific Growth. 

Here's how we helped him close more than USD 67,000 of sales in his first month, and hit 1 Million USD of revenue in just 9 months!

Step 1: Building An Irresistible Offer

We launched off a brand new premium programme that takes what JT and his team is already doing. 

We started with an in-depth, deep-diving session with JT to find out more about his target market, his competitors, and what he offered for his students.

We discovered JT was actually undercharging for his training and coaching. He was providing so much value for his students.

Yet, he was only charging them a few hundred dollars for all the effort he was putting in. 

This attracted the wrong audiences who are looking for low-cost courses with little to no commitment. 

To make matters worse, a majority of them didn’t have enough capital to invest and trade the markets. 

The result? 

They don’t enjoy the full benefit of what JT is offering and see the explosive results that are possible through JT’s coaching and mentorship.

We took what his team was already doing and created a brand new “Full Time Trader” coaching programme. 

By doing so, we increased the perceived value of his offer, making it much more valuable and attractive to traders who are starting out. 

We also helped structure the programme in a way that reduced the time that JT needed to spend on training and coaching his students.

Yet still allowing the students to get even better results in their trades. 

With a strong, compelling offer that actually takes less work to deliver, 

We moved on to the next action step, which is to create a... 

Step 2: High Converting Webinar Presentation

When we first started with JT, there was a huge focus on content more than building desire. We re-crafted the deck such that he was able to deliver valuable content while still increasing desire for his programme

When JT was doing live events, he usually uses a content-heavy presentation that focuses on the technical aspects of trading. 

Like many trainers, he believes that as long as he delivers great content, the audience will recognize the value and buy from him.

Unfortunately, this was not the case, and he has problems converting his audiences. 

We worked with JT to re-craft his new presentation and script. 

Instead of focusing on delivering content alone, we designed the script to deliver value to the audience while increasing their desire to buy. 

While there were initial challenges in delivering a brand new script, JT adapted to the new script after a few rounds of practice. 

But our work didn’t stop there.

We gave JT continuous feedback on how he can further improve his pitch and achieve even higher conversion rate every week. 

With the new presentation structure and highly persuasive script, JT could generate more sales per event sitting at home than speaking on stage.  

Step 3: Packed His Weekly Webinars With Attendees

Now, it’s one thing to have a high converting presentation, it’s a whole different challenge to make sure you have a good number of highly qualified prospects attending your presentation. 

We used a series of highly effective, tested and proven video ads to drive more than 150-200 attendees for his webinars every week.

To do that, we constantly did in-depth research into the market order to uncover attention-grabbing angles we can use to attract more people. 

Here’s just one of the many ads we ran for JT. 

One of the many highly engaging ads we created for JT. With video ads,

we were able to keep costs low and build JT’s brand at the same time.

We even conducted multiple video shoots to create high converting video ads that dramatically increases engagement and performance. 

Why do we use Video?

Because video is probably the most effective way to quickly build a brand in the highly competitive training industry. 

The right video will help you communicate your value and stand out from all the noise in the market.

We scripted, produced and edited all the videos for the ads and funnels.

Based on feedback from the ads we tested, we created new videos every month. 

Here’s what JT shared about our video ads. 

“Over the last few weeks we shot a few videos for ads and marketing, and I could see a significant improvement in the turn-up rate, the people who joined, and of course, the budget as well.”

And a crucial aspect of the marketing funnel that helped to significantly increase his turn-up rates were our specially crafted email and SMS sequences.

This helped to pre-frame registrants and provide them with value even before the webinar starts.

By revealing parts of JT’s webinar throughout the emails, we focus on creating “mental gaps” in their minds and increase anticipation and desire to attend the webinar. 

The Results?

After all the preparation work and pre-framing was done, JT conducted his first webinar using our crafted presentation and script.

He was able to achieve at least USD 11,000 of revenue despite a few technical hiccups here and there. 

But we knew that we could do even better.

This is why we set up a meeting with JT every week to discuss strategies on how to improve the webinars even further!

And it’s not just for planning for next week’s webinar, but rather 2,3 or even 6 months ahead! 

Through this feedback process, we were able to help JT achieve 6 figures of revenue in just 1 webinar, not just once but twice in a roll.

 “Even when the results were already quite impressive, Adam came to me to discuss how we can improve the results and make next week even better. I really appreciate and enjoy that effort.”

“Generated More Revenue From 4 Webinars VS The Entire Year!”

In just 4 webinars, JT made close to USD 67,000 in revenue, all from the comfort of his own home!

More importantly, he was able to spend more time with his wife and newborn daughter. 

“In just 4 webinar sessions, I’ve managed to close more sales than I did for the entire year of 2019 so that by itself is something I’m already impressed with.”

By working closely with Scientific Growth, they were able to focus their time and energy on providing value to their students and customers,

They never had to worry about sales again.

In the coming months, they are confident that we’ll be able to achieve at least 2 Million USD of revenue by the end of the year. 

Do You Want To See The Same Results?

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Over the last 6 years, the team have worked with over 3,000 business owners through workshops and consulting engagements.

S8 Education was just one of the hundreds of training businesses that have seen a dramatic improvement in their customer acquisition and sales in just a short period of time.

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